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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Masculine Birthday Card

This is a card I was commissioned to make by a friend for her special man's birthday. I asked her to tell me a little bit about the relationship she shared with him. She told me he lovingly referred to her as his "nut" and she called him her "squirrel". This flip-flop design was my interpretation of the loving things she shared with me and I created it without a sentiment, as I felt these pictures spoke a thousand words.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the exact recipe--I made this card in autumn, 2009. However, I can tell you that the autumn leaves are silk, the photos were simple photos which I altered in my photo program, then enhanced with both pencils and chalks, after which I sprayed with a matt spray to keep them from smudging.

My friend said her boyfriend loved it. She was worried I would create something animated and said she was pleasantly surprised when she received a tasteful, masculine card depicting their personal intimate relationship. :o)

The flip side of this card to follow...
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  1. Thanks, Cindy! :o) You are the first person to comment on my very first card posting! I am soooo excited to begin taking part in the cardmaking blog world. As soon as I am a bit better from this bout of pneumonia, I'll start taking part in some of the card challenges, too. My hands are still a bit shaky and I'm still pretty weak, so I decided to post an older card to get me started. I'll be posting some of my other work soon. Thanks for taking the time to say hello! Merilee :o)